Oct. 17th, 2008

Hours Away

Oct. 17th, 2008 01:30 am
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I just loaded up my backpack and walked around with it for a while.  I have to seriously consider NOT taking the laptop.  The added weight of the laptop and the Wacom is significant.  I could deal with it if (a) I weren't disabled (b) I had a secure place to store the majority of my stuff at all times.  There are going to be days where I can't yet enter the hostel or home I'm going to and have to carry the pack on my back while sightseeing and traveling.  I"m not sure I can handle that kind of weight for hours at a time.  I wish I could decide.  It's a very hard decision to make.

Meanwhile I just wasted a half hour because my mom forwarded me an Obama smear email.  I've almost trained her to check Snopes before passing on crap she gets from her AOL friends.  But she doesn't do general fact-checking on Google so if it isn't on Snopes yet, she's liable to take things at face value.  So I spent time doing my own fact-checking, citing references, and composing an email response to her.  My dad is very on board the Obama train.  I thought my mom was, too, but I guess she's been hiding her real opinions a bit around this pro-Obama household.  A week or so ago she mentioned the "57 States" gaffe Obama made and drew some bullshit Islamic connection with that.  I can't believe she didn't give him credit for being tired and making a (funny) slip of the tongue - this is the same woman who will run through the names of my other sisters when she means to call me.  She should have some empathy for slips of the tongue.

I'm so disappointed.  My mom is an intelligent woman.  The fact that she falls for some of this crap is really scary because the many people in this country who are less intelligent than she is are probably biting hook,line and sinker.


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