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When you have a month or more before you have to make a decision, how do you approach things? Do you compromise immediately or what? I read and re-read the job req for this one campus job. It is likely I wouldn't have to take a huge paycut. While my work has been hard for the last year, this particular job would be more physically exhausting, I thought. Probably more stress and office politics. Then there were some job reqs that I could learn but wasn't that impressive in yet. So I waffled and finally decided not to apply. Yet after the informational interview today and how that sorta squelched much hope of finding really interesting work in the same overall department, I began to regret not applying for the job.

I'm very tired of settling, going from entry-level to entry-level, paying my dues, hoping there's a career development ladder and finding there's none. On the other hand, I have a *very* thin financial cushion. I won't be leaving the university any sooner than they push me out. Unless I find some tremendous job on the outside. Otherwise, I'm looking at transferring somewhere in the uni or waiting until I'm kicked out because I can't afford to give up the unemployment insurance.

Hmmm. I'm having trouble phrasing my question clearly. Let me try again: How high are your standards when you're looking for a job? Do you compromise early and often? Do you try for a "realistic" goal? Do you hold out for nothing less than what you think you deserve? A combo, depending on how long you've been unemployed?


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