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I like performing. I think I'm good. When I perform, people ask me when I'm performing next, if I have a CD out, etc. But I have a problem - I can't get gigs if I don't have an accompanist. I cannot afford to pay accompanists out of pocket. I need someone who likes playing, will like playing with me, and will work for an equal share of whatever we make. I'm sure once we gig more, we'll get better gigs and make more money, but I have to start somewhere.

Please help me find this accompanist. I work in a variety of styles, but probably the best person would be someone who has a swing guitar background or at least has a can-do attitude about figuring out songs by ear. My sets lately have been geared towards classic American songs of the early 20th century, but a typical gig back when I could play guitar for myself consisted of TV themes, Kurt Weill, cabaret, Americana, classic American songs from b'way and jazz, rock and my own twisted originals. I like playing and singing anything I think is good music.

Dear network, please help me.


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I'm networking furiously for this. If you know someone likely, please send 'em my way.

We've got our vocalist, banjolele player, clarinetist and trumpeter...now I'm looking for the backbone stuff: guitarist (capable of swing style rhythm), upright bassist, percussionist (capable of Afro-Carribean styles).

We'll be performing the classic calypso of the '30s - '50s. Atilla the Hun, Lord Invader, Sir Lancelot, Lord Kitchener and other nobles... Although some of our members come from other areas, the band is based in the East Bay (Berkeley rehearsal space). We'll be gigging some, I'm sure, but it's not a money-making prospect. We're playing for fun and the love of the music.

Let me know if you're interested or know of someone who's a good match. http://www.myspace.com/meganlynch


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