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I'm submitting a resume at a well-known creative media company. The kind of place that employs genii and somewhere where I'd only qualify for a very few jobs. I don't know anyone on the inside. My attempt to find names from friends of friends isn't panning out in time. So I had to come up with a cunning plan to have my resume pop. I was going to start in on the actual resume-writing first but, typically, I had a bitch of a time trying to do it. I dreaded it and I was procrastinating. The 3rd week of sinus headaches was making it even harder to press ahead. So I slept way too much of Saturday away. I started working yesterday evening. When I hit a brick wall with the resume-updating, I decided to move into the creative stuff (which is *normally* what I have a block with). I'm doing my resume as a pop-up model of a circus wagon. I have no special expertise with making pop-up stuff and have a terrible time with math. Being a mathematical person would have helped with this. Would have shortened the process by hours. But I pressed on with my usual bullheaded ignorance. After hours, I finished the mock-up pattern and I've just finished transferring that to the nice card stock I bought. Now I'm going to move into painting it with watercolors and gouache.

I feel a bit guilty for having done more with the creative stuff than ACTUALLY WRITING THE RESUME, but putting this much work into the packaging will not only help it get seen, but it will MAKE me write the resume because I cannot have put this much work into something only to putz out.

I wish my camera worked. I wanted to take pictures of this process. I'm hoping folks at work will help me document the finished product tomorrow.

I have such a hard time breaking through my creative block when it comes to the visual arts. So much familial bullshit and then add to that that it's been 15 years since I was prolific at all. The longer I go not practicing, the more intimidating it gets. I'm glad I had this way to trick myself into breaking it. I'm fairly certain the finished product will be something to be proud of, whether I get the interview/job or not.


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