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I expect to have a pretty busy and tiring day today. It's hard for me to keep on task at work when my boss is treating me like dead man walking AND I have surgery tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it just so I can get away from the chill at work.

By tomorrow night, my right-hand ulnar nerve will have been extracted from the cubital tunnel and nestled in a sling that the surgeon will construct of my muscle tissue towards the inside of my arm. If it goes like the left side did, I will experience a decrease in my RSI pain. Regardless, it's meant to arrest the damage to my myelin sheath around my ulnar nerve that's been going on at least since 1995.

Picture of subcutaneous ulnar nerve transposition surgery n.b. This arm is not mine. I begged my surgeon to take pictures and he said he would but he didn't. I'm expecting him to blow me off this time, too.
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I went to a fun hillbilly-themed party this weekend. I couldn't fit into my overalls (which used to be my dad's). So I wore the big Dickies I wear nearly every day (my new "fat pants") and put on a bandana and my gas station shirt. My friend Paula took loads of pictures.

With the surgery coming up, I was already looking at readymade meal options. Last time I had this surgery, I didn't feel like cooking or preparing food at all. I practically lived on cereal because it was the easiest thing I had. I was considering buying Medifast meals this time since I haven't had any immediately success with my 3 weeks so far of eating low glycemic PLUS it would solve the readymade thing. But I kept telling myself I couldn't be lazy, that I needed to save money. And that I could do that by using the crockpot and just eating less. But seeing the photos of me from that party disgusted me. So many of the women there looked so great and I look horrible because of this stupid Syndrome X Michelin Man physique. So I signed up for a month of Medifast. Even if I don't lose any of this damned weight, at least I won't have to cook while recovering from surgery.


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