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I haven't been perfect about cleaning up and putting away immediately after I'm done (big surprise) but I've been good enough. The house is mostly clean still. I just caught up with the hand washing and did the pre-cleaning my crappy dishwasher makes necessary before I can do "pushbutton dishes". Earlier tonight I framed some pictures and hung them. Then I put all the various tools back in the toolbox and back in the closet even though I'm sure to do more framing soon.

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I hemmed and hawed and felt guilty, but I pre-ordered HP7 from Amazon. As happened to a lot of people, the combo of UPS/USPS/Amazon messed up my delivery. So as of this morning I *still* didn't have HP7. After getting no reply to my email to them, I called Amazon this morning. They apologized and gave me the choice of them sending a replacement or me getting a refund. It was a hard choice. Most of the local bookstores here only offer a semi-competitive discount for pre-orders or purchases at the HP parties. However, I didn't trust UPS or whoever not to continue to screw up. So I went for the refund.

That meant I used my lunch hour to walk down to Moe's and get HP7. It was discounted by about 20% off full retail price. Which is good, but about $12 more than Amazon's pre-order price. Unfortunately my Moe's credit slip doesn't apply to new books. So I browsed around Moe's seeing what they had in the used music, SF/Fantasy and gardening sections. Came home with 2 gardening books and one music book. More than I had a credit slip for. So Moe's did well off of me today.

I guess this is why I try not to enter bookstores too often anymore. Trying to sell some of my possessions to pay off my credit card debt has really disgusted me with the depreciation in price on used books and CDs/media. Plus my house is full of my clutter. I haven't even read loads of books I own. Now that the web is so developed, I have less excuse to keep my own library (which I expanded pre-web and post-Prop 13 budget hits). I try to make myself not buy things that I could be checking out of the library. Hell, I even refrained from picking up a lot of Nolo books from the Friends of the Berkeley Public Library's free cart. I don't need more stuff, no matter how much I like to wade in it.


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