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Lots of down thoughts today. I called my friend P to see if she wanted to join me for lunch since unless I wanted to spend yet another lunch eating an Atkins bar, I was going out. Luckily, she was able to join me. I haven't had lunch with anyone for a while. I ask folks...it's nice when both people's schedules can jibe. Anyway, she's not having a good time, either. Lost her job, about to lose her place to live, relationship not swell, Aunt Flo is visiting. We made quite a pair! But it was good for me to listen to someone else's troubles. Gets my mind off my own momentarily.

So I got to see P.

Then I went back to the campus jobsite and saw that although the first review was this Wednesday, I'm still able to apply for the job. Although I still feel ambivalent about the job, I will work this weekend to update my resume and write a proper cover letter and get it in. If I do, that will be the first job I've actually applied for yet. Though I look at job ads every day, many times a day.

So, job still open.

For the last couple days I've been investigating what's on offer at lynda.com When I worked at Peachpit, I thought their Hands-On-Training books were the best tutorial books (as opposed to reference or task-based) we had. I looked at some of their sample videos for CSS and already I'm learning better than I was from one of Peachpit's books. I love reading, but I've always learned things better from being shown than from reading. I Googled and found a coupon code for a 7-day trial of their online learning library. And I will probably fork over $375 for a full year's membership after my 7 days are up. I can tell that this resource could really help me learn quite a lot. It'll be easier for me to upgrade my existing skills as well as learn new ones and it's cheaper than taking as many classes, it's flexible, etc.

So - some hope of learning good things.

Got some exercise walking down (and up on the way back) to downtown Berkeley.

Asked my brother who has started his own business what that's like so I can make a more realistic assessment of whether I even want to go down that road.

Asked for an informational interview with the head of Collaboration Tools and we're scheduling that.

I *do* actually try to remember that it's more handleable if I try to think about all of this in shorter periods of time and what I have to do to get through the hour, day, week, etc.


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