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Last night, I asked my brother in email for a bit of help checking in with me to help me keep on track with fitness goals. I had a long conversation with him this morning and he offered me a bit of advice on why relying on someone else for check-ins wouldn't be such a good idea.

He's had some major injuries he's had to recover from. But I think that he, like many others, doesn't understand how the kind of repetitive stress injury I have differs from something like a broken limb or torn ligament. Folks recovering from injuries like those often get very intense physical therapy to help them do so. And there's usually a known trajectory of how the prescribed course of treatment will go. The first time I ever got physical therapy for my RSI was last year. I first got RSI in 1995. The only reason I was approved for physical therapy last year was because it was post-surgery physical therapy.

Anyway....I just got on the floor and tried to do some stretches and such for the first time in a while. I got the roller thingie and tried rolling my body against it to break up the knots. God, it hurts. It hurts so much. It always has. I'm supposed to use it mostly against my hips because I get bad sciatica-like symptoms but my thoracic outlet (the more commmonly-referenced one i.e. upper torso) has been so bad lately that I tried rolling it under my arms to break up the tightness in my pec major, pec minor, subscapularis and lats. Holy crap, it hurts.

It's different asking someone not only to be disciplined enough to exercise daily or even several times a day as is usually required with physical therapy exercises, but to have the discipline to do so despite an increase in pain. It's one thing to turn up for a doctor's appointment to get a shot or a physical therapy appointment where at least someone is encouraging you. It's another to do it yourself. It's like asking someone to smash their thumb with a hammer 3x daily because if they keep doing it they'll get better.

Anyway, I'm just venting. It's hard. And I've got to do it anyway.


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