Jul. 29th, 2008


Jul. 29th, 2008 02:52 pm
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I scored almost an entire bolt of blue/green velvet off oaklandfreecycle today!!! I can't believe I wasn't beat out by tons of others!

If I weren't so big these days, I'd have plenty of ideas of what to sew with it but I'll have to give some thought to it now. I definitely need a formal dress. If for some reason I can't get out of going to my brother's wedding (I love him but interactions with my family this past week have stoked the suicidal feelings so much that I don't think it's a good idea for me to be around them), I might make a dress with this stuff.

Addendum: I've been trying to roll it back on the bolt (it was mostly off the bolt and twisted around itself) and I'm getting even more excited. Though my hands/arms are killing me from the work. The color is actually complex and VERY GOTH. The velvet was woven into a Caribbean sea green background. The color of the fluff fabric is a purplish-blue. So when you look at it draped, it shows black, purple/blue & Caribbean green. So damned cool! and I've got nearly an entire bolt of it so for once I can choose a project that requires an extravagant amount of yardage. I might even design a dress with bias-cut.


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