Jul. 20th, 2008

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Insomnia made it such that I was dead asleep when Laura arrived at my house to get a ride to see The Dark Knight at the Grand Lake Theater. I didn't have time to fix breakfast unless I wanted to grab an Atkins bar. But since I'd eaten mostly those in the last 48 hours, I wanted something real. We got to the theater early and the designated ticketholders weren't around so I went to the KFC nearby and got some chicken. I had them keep the biscuit since there was no way I could get 2 pieces of chicken and JUST chicken.

I was finishing up the chicken when my friend Mike arrived. He politely said "You asked for help...I'll just point out that KFC probably isn't the best thing" I told him that I wasn't cheating. The worst thing about the chicken would be the flour in the batter. What I need to watch more than anything else is my blood sugar.

I have some friends who watch fat much more than they watch sugar. In fact, you have to be careful because a lot of non-fat or low-fat foods make up the difference by adding more sugar (in different forms like dextrose and other "ose"s). I'm not saying that eating tons of fat is the way to go. But fat doesn't shoot my blood sugar up and start the insulin resistant cycle of sugar high - crash - ravenous hunger for more starch/sugar.

People and their bodies are different. So if watching fat is the main thing for you, that's cool by me. But try to remember that if my choice is between popcorn with no butter and KFC, it's the KFC that's actually going to better for me in my particular situation.

I really appreciate that he had it in mind to look out for me, though.


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