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It's been a slow process with many delays. It may continue to roll out to new venues but here's the news about where it's available for now.

First and most important is Bandcamp. Until they decide to be more aggressive about their business model, Bandcamp.com gives 100% of the price of downloads to the artist. Obviously, this is the place I most prefer that people buy my album if they're going for a digital download. To underscore that, I've provided an extra track that comes only with purchase of the whole album from Bandcamp. It's not a Warners track, but goodness nonetheless.  If you press the Share button on the site, it'll give you options to tweet, facebook, embed and other things that would really help me publicize the album. I have no manager, no agent, it's just me. So word of mouth is really important to me.


CDBaby is also carrying my album. They're supposed to carry and distribute the digital downloads but they seem to have screwed that up for now. I'm in touch with their customer support to try to get that fixed. But you *can* order the hard copy CD from them.  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/MeganLynch  If you've heard the album, please write a review on CDBaby's site. You don't have to do a puff piece, just write what you really think.

If you're local to the SF Bay Area, you can buy my album at Down Home Music in El Cerrito. It helps record stores see the value of carrying my music and in this case supports a great Bay Area business that is in trouble in our current depression.  I also have the album on consignment at Amoeba Music in Berkeley. It's available very cheaply there for a limited time.

If you're on Last.fm, please make sure you're scrobbling when you listen to my tunes. :)  As soon as things get straightened out with CDBaby's distribution, I should be able to apply to be an artist on Pandora as well.

If you're interested in news on any gigs I may have coming up, news about the album, etc. please sign up at http://www.reverbnation.com/meganlynch

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