Sep. 21st, 2008 10:23 pm
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I missed nearly the first hour of this due to family upset that I may blog about later.  This year's ceremony is striking to me as the most political Emmys I've ever seen.  There have been scripted calls to get out and vote in November.  There have been oblique references to the age of McCain. There have been references to the inarticulation of the current President and the articulation of at least one of the current candidates.  There's only been one of these that was stomped on by the ceremony's orchestra. After reading the Newport Beach letter to the editor about "the Hollywood Elite", I sorta worry that there are a lot of Americans who would take the very slight politicization of the ceremonies as evidence of "the Hollywood Elite".

I was surprised that some of the acting awards were split off into the "working class grunt" ceremonies.  (I feel very strongly that both the Emmys and the Oscars are full of shit by sequestering the majority of the non-acting awards into a separate ceremony.  TV and film are collaborative arts and  they cult of pretty faces is only exacerbated by not acknowledging that fact.)  I suppose it could make the "creative awards" ceremony less second class in treatment if the "bait" of name actors and actresses attracted more press coverage to the junior ceremonies.  Naaaaaah.  It'll never happen.


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